Socks & Thoughts

Sometimes, all you need is a little change in perception and environment - not necessarily a change within yourself.
What is the main source of pain when losing a sock? The sock that’s left behind.
It reminds us of our little failure each day. People adopt various methods to prevent feeling this sense of loss (buying more of the same type of socks), and many studies have attempted to crack the “sock loss code.”
And yet, throughout the course of his life, a person will lose an estimated average of 1024 socks, which basically reminds him of his little failure 5,000 times.

Unpair was created to provide a human solution for this sense of helplessness when it comes to upholding the institution that is sock pairing, out of a belief that when two identical items must constantly remain near one another, one will eventually get lost - and a desire to remind us all that we are the opposite of failures - we are great.
So, we took this symmetry and transformed it into a gentle balance.

Unpair sells single socks. The Unpair brand is made up of a number of collections. Each collection contains several sock designs that, while not identical, do match with one another from a design perspective. The socks are sold as single units - not in pairs. If heaven forbid, one sock is lost, you can always match it with another suitable partner.
With much thought and consideration, we produce socks that exude elegance and nobility. A sock that will remind us to walk with our heads held high. A sock that will support and envelop what carries us day in and day out, as we express ourselves in this world.


Reut, Design - 42 years old, mother to Evyatar. To me, curiosity is an expression of love. I hail from the field of social business and believe that people are amazing and deserve to know that everything is okay. New ideas are magical moments within us all. All you need to do is stop and catch them.

Ohad - Karate teacher (7th dan karate). I believe that flexibility and stability enable people to express themselves in this world.