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IQ Option – FX Broker 17+

IQ Option is an award-winning mobile trading platform*. It has a clean and intuitive interface, created to meet the needs of the most demanding traders.

IQ Option platform provides clients with an opportunity to trade 200+ assets: including currencies, commodities and stocks. With IQ Option, shares of Tesla, Netflix, Spotify, Alibaba, Microsoft, Disney, oil, gold and many more assets can be traded on the same platform.

Key Features:
- Wide choice of currencies;
- Negative balance protection;
- Auto close of your positions;

- World’s most popular companies at your fingertips;
- Facebook, Amazon and many more;
- Corporate news and announcements inside the app;

- Wide choice of assets;
- Gold, silver, oil on one platform;
- Might IQ Option 提示 be a good alternative to currencies and stocks.

Risk Warning:
CFDs are complex instruments and entail a high risk of losing money IQ Option 提示 rapidly due to leverage.
73% of retail investor accounts lose money when trading CFDs with this provider.
You should consider whether you understand how CFDs work and whether you can afford to take the high risk of losing your money.

TOP 10 reasons to choose IQ Option:

1. FREE DEMO account! Get a free reloadable $10,000 demo account and access it from wherever you want. Switch between demo and real accounts instantly.
2. $10 MIN DEPOSIT You will only need $10 to make your first steps into the world of trading. Minimum investment amount for a single deal is only $1.
3. WIDE RANGE OF PAYMENT METHODS. Work with a payment method you know and trust.
4. 24/7 SUPPORT via messages, chat and toll-free calls. Highly professional and friendly support department is always happy to help you.
5. FULLY LOCALIZED platform is available in 17 languages.
6. MULTIPLE AWARDS recognize high standards of quality maintained by IQ Option and include Best Mobile Trading Platform and Best Technology Application.
7. EDUCATION in the form of video tutorials, emails, and blog articles available in several languages.
8. ALERTS: IQ Option 提示 always stay notified of the latest market movements with built-in alert functionality.
9. NO DELAYS: for us, application performance is key. We strive to provide a smooth trading experience with no delays.
10. TOP IQ Option 提示 mobile platform with clear and user-friendly design, all you need is IQ Option 提示 right in the trade room of your app, with customization functions included.

Now you can have an even bigger choice between mobile IQ Option 提示 and tablet apps, desktop application and web version. Experience the ultimate cross-platform trading, which follows you everywhere you go.

As it is IQ Option 提示 an online trading application, please be reminded that a network connection is required.

IQ Option評價:二元期權平台介紹、是否詐騙、安全性、出入金、優缺點完整分析


IQ Option是成立於2013年,註冊於聖文森,總部位於賽普勒斯的全球性差價合約/二元期權交易商。 最初以提供二元期權交易起家,2017年開始提供包括外匯、股票、加密貨幣、商品、指數以及ETF等差價合約(CFD)產品。最大特色是可以用極低金額(1美元)開始交易二元期權,10美元就能開始外匯保證金交易。
IQ Option平台提供24小時客服,為目前世界100多個國家提供服務,擁有超過4000萬註冊用戶,已成為全球最大的二元期權經紀商之一


最低入金 10美元
入金方法 信用卡、簽帳金融卡、加密貨幣(USDT)、電子錢包(Skrill、Neteller、WebMoney WMZ)
出金方法 信用卡、簽帳金融卡、加密貨幣(USDT)、電子錢包Skrill、Neteller、WebMoney WMZ)
出金手續費 信用卡、簽帳金融卡、電子錢包2%;加密貨幣(USDT)免費
出金到賬週期 2-5個工作日 (信用卡) 3-7個工作日(電匯),需要一個外幣帳戶接收海外券商匯款



二元期權(英文:Binary option)類似一種猜漲跌的遊戲,投資人透過選擇「看漲」或「看跌」押注市場的漲跌結果。押對了就能獲利,反之,則將賠掉押注的本金。






ORAN专题系列-8:5G O-RAN 分体式小基站Option8硬件白盒化的参考架构

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概述: Option8的分离式部署, O-DU8的硬件白盒化, O-RU8的硬件白盒化


1. O-RAN分离式架构

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2. High-PHY和Low-PHY不同的部署选项

原先需要由 专用 的DSP数字信号处理器处理的PHY层协议,如何处置和安排?

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如下称为Option6, Option7, Option8以及option7-8。

High-PHY和Low-PHY部署的方案不同,O-DU和O-RU之间的Front Haul接口协议也随之有差别,这是Front Haul比较复杂的一个最重要的原因,后续再用单独的章节讨论Front Haul接口协议的开放问题。


1. Option8的分离式扁平部署

这不是5G NR引入部署的方案,而4G LTE的部署方案。O-RAN并不推荐此部署



2. Option8分离式 分层 部署

3. Option8部署下O-DU8的硬件白盒化

除了多出一个CPRI控制接口外,其他与Option6, Option7部署时,是完全一样的


PCIe: PCIe IQ Option 提示 v3或更高版本,用于连接DU所需要的硬件加速器。之所以选择PCIe这个接口,这是因为PCIe是通用计算机连接即插即用模块的标准接口。


SPI 接口: 用于连接Flash这样的存储设备。 存放固件firmware和不易丢失的数据。


USB 接口:用于连接本地的设备



硬件加速模块: 通过PCIe接口与数字处理单元相连,以便作为即插即用的子卡插入到通用计算机硬件平台上。

Timing : 时钟同步接口,这个接口是,无线接入网有特殊的要求,如何在通用x86硬件平台上解决这个问题,需要专门的章节来讨论。

CPRI : 通用公共无线电接口, 需要通过FPGA或专用芯片实现其功能。 通过PCIe接口与数字处理单元相连,以便作为即插即用的子卡插入到通用计算机硬件平台上。

4. Option8部署下Front Gateway(FHGW8)的硬件白盒化:



  • 下行:支持蜂窝 小区级 (Cell)的IQ数据的广播
  • 上行:支持蜂窝 IQ Option 提示 小区级 (Cell)的IQ数据的汇集


  • 数字处理单元 :蜂窝小区级IQ数据的广播和汇集功能。
  • POE ++:power over ethernet,通过POE接口,可以给RU进行远程供电。
  • DC/DC:直流电源转换。
  • CLK: 本地时钟
  • Memory:DDR3/4内存
  • SPI: SPI flash,用于存放固件。
  • Debug interface:串口、Jtag调试口。
  • CPRI : CPRI接口。

5. Option8部署下O-RU7的硬件白盒化

​ ​


​ ​


RU RF处理单元:

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Problem with Iqoption

IQOption is in operation since year 2013. That means that lots of people have already tried it out and left their reviews about this very platform, its features and others. Likewise anyone can easily find out, if there were any traders facing problems related to money withdrawals. All you need to do is simply search on the internet for required information. We always urge our customers to do your own research in order to be totally confident about the broker. On our side we have conducted a research and could not find even a single problem related to withdrawal and that is included in IQ Option Withdrawal Review. Few reviews were found though, however they did not prove to be decent and may be fake reviews written in attempt to purposely spoil the good name of IQ Option. Now lets have a look at different sets of information related to money withdrawals.

Problems & Solutions of iqoption


Withdrawal varies from one broker to another and its complexity depends on the technology IQ Option 提示 and the approach towards customer that was selected by the given broker. According to detailed IQ Option Review it is clear that their withdrawal process is quite straightforward, even people with small experience. Hence, all types of withdrawal starting from via bank transfer and ending up with Skrill turn out to be quite simple. All IQ Option 提示 you need to do is follow the prescribed regulations and provide scanned copies of relevant documents, which prove your identity. After that you can proceed with your withdrawal.


Apart from abovementioned withdrawal methods, such as Skrill, Netellers and others, you are also able to perform withdrawals by using wire, credit card as well as MasterCard. Since IQ Option is under regulation of CySEC, certain procedures are included for purposes of verification. However they are quite simple and the verification process takes few minutes only. After that within a maximum of 72 hours your request will be processed. Even though officially it is stated that IQ Option requires up to 3 days to complete processing of your request, in real life majority of requests get processed only within 24 hours, and that saves a lot of time for traders.


Safety is definitely a very important part related withdrawal process In case of binary options trading everyone tends to be very alert when it comes to safety matters. All the experienced brokers know about this fact and hence they try to ensure their safety is not under threat at any cost. All the traders valuable data is stored at this very platform. However IQ Option has taken all the proper safety measures as well as verification procedures in order to ensure that customers money get delivered to them in a safe manner in any case. Thats another competitive advantage of IQ Option over their business rivals. IQ Option is able to accept deposits from various countries around the world has got a long enough presence in this business. So far there have were no complaints at all regarding the withdrawal processes related to IQ Option. IQ Option Scam Inspection has also resulted in good reviews.